Amish Brides in the West

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Five young women are looking for love, a new life, adventure and a family to call their own. Coming from an Amish background, these women enter a new world that they hope will ultimately lead to the one experience that makes every life worth living: to love and to be loved.

Will they find what they were looking for?

Book 1: Sarah’s Story
Sarah Fisher is a regular Amish girl. But when her sister dies in childbirth, she is given the difficult task to find her brother in law, who is in the west and unaware of his wife’s death.

Sarah is traveling west with the baby, when she receives an offer to be a mail order bride. With no place to go, she agrees. But will this convenient arrangement make way for love? And will she find the baby’s father?

Book 2: Cynthia’s Story
Cynthia Lapp is determined to marry for love, even if it means marrying non-Amish and getting shunned. But when she is stood up at the altar, she has only one option left: responding to a mail order advert.

All Clive wants is a mother for his small son. He lost his faith in love when his former wife ran off. Cynthia’s loving nature soon captures his heart. But when his former wife comes back and reveals her true self, all bets are off…

Book 3: Elizabeth’s Story
Elizabeth is naïve enough to run away with Thomas. But when he reneges on his promise to marry her, Elizabeth realizes that she has made a terrible mistake. Rescue comes in the form of Marcus’ mail order advert.

Marcus is an honest and hardworking cowboy. Elizabeth Lehman is everything he dreamt, with her cheerful personality and captivating eyes. But when she turns out to carry Thomas’ child, decisions must be made…

Book 4: Claudia’s Story
(published as “My Secret Amish Baby”)

It is Rumspringa for Claudia Graber, the period when a young person’s future is made or broken. But when she fall pregnant with a man she thinks loves her, she is betrayed in the worst possible way.

Fate takes Claudia to Montana, to the estate of George Hardy. By then, she considers herself worldly enough to not be taken in by older men. Besides, she hides a secret that could have her out of a job… Will Claudia let past hurts cloud her judgment or will she risk her heart one more time?

Book 5: Vanessa’s Story

Vanessa Schwartz went to Oregon to ease the suffering of patients grappling with cholera. But soon, she finds herself a surrogate mother to a sweet, orphaned child, and in love with the handsome Dr. Harris.

But Dr. Harris is expecting a mail order bride. Vanessa contents herself with raising the child and working. It’s not that simple for Dr. Harris. He cannot get Vanessa out of his mind. Will the two find a way to be together without causing heartbreak to the mail order bride?

Tags: Mail Order Bride, Inspirational, Christian, Clean, Historical, Babies

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