Bride of the Gold Rush

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A mail order bride, her handsome prospective husband and a blonde competitor for his love… Will Cara keep her man?

Cara, a pretty, voluptuous and vivacious young woman from a poor family with thirteen children that lives in County Cork, Ireland, is forced to migrate to America, so that she can send home money to her family. She travels for a month on a steamship to Boston, USA. In the city of Boston, Cara finds work as a maid and sends home money.

She is homesick for Ireland, but has to remain in America, especially when the potato blight affects crops in Ireland. After a while she finds out about mail order bride catalogs, and decides to marry a man in the West. She meets Aidan via the mail order bride catalog. Aidan, originally from Galway in Ireland, is tall and handsome, with blonde hair and blue eyes. So Cara takes the Oregon Trail out West.

The California Gold Rush occurs just around the time that Cara joins Aidan, and they both pan for gold alongside others. At first Cara thinks that she can get married at once, but there are obstacles in the path towards married bliss—one of them being a blonde vixen who has set her sights on Cara’s man…

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 16,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Tags: Mail Order Bride, Inspirational, Clean, Historical, Babies, Christian, Billionaire

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