Brides of Amish Country

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Five women find themselves at a crossroads. Alone and seemingly without a future, they have to find the courage to make a decision that will change their lives forever.

Embarking on an adventure that may or may not lead them to their heart’s desire, will these women find the strength to follow the path before them? Can they conquer the obstacles and find love?

This collection features the following five short stories, set against the background of Amish communities.

Mary Ruth’s Story
(The Precious Amish Baby)

After her husband’s sudden death, Mary Ruth Stoltz finds herself alone and pregnant with her second child. When a widower in a community a day’s journey away, is looking for a mail order bride, she goes to meet him. Will Mary Ruth find the happiness and healing she needs from her new family, as well as providing what they need from her?

Catherine’s Story
(The Precious Amish Wife)

Catherine Yoder’s peaceful life is uprooted when her husband abandons his wife and children. She is discouraged, especially after a second event threatens not just her mental health but her physical health as well. But hope arrives in the form of Ezekiel Hochstetler, who is visiting for the holidays. Can Ezekiel help Catherine heal? Will love unite their Roses and souls?

Rebekah’s Story
(A Baby At The Doctor’s Ranch)

Rebekah King is seeking a new life after she is abandoned by Gregory, the man she wanted to marry. Alone and without skills she accepts the Pastor’s offer to take her to Andrew, a ranch hand looking for a bride. But when Gregory shows up and Rebekah discovers she is pregnant, decisions have to be made… Can Gregory change and become the father her child needs? Or will Rebekah stay with Andrew, who has shown her so much affection?

Rose’s Story

When John abandons Rose, alone and pregnant, she knows her life will never be the same. When she is offered the opportunity to join an Amish community far from home and marry a man in the community, she gladly accepts. But then Rose discovers that her prospective husband doesn’t know about her baby. Should she risk it all and make the move without telling anyone? Or is it better to confess and see what happens?

Elisabeth’s Story
(My Sister’s Baby)

Elisabeth Schwartz is a devoted daughter and sister to her Amish family. When her shunned sister dies in childbirth, Elizabeth travels West to find the father. But before she knows it, she finds herself entrenched in a new adventure, as a mail-order-bride for a wealthy, charming ex-gold miner…

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