Brides of Montana

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The journey to Montana may seem adventurous, but will the women who arrive here find the love and strength to overcome the obstacles they encounter in this unforgiving land?

Read about the journeys of five women who left everything behind to find love, adventure and hope in the west.

Book 1: Isabella’s story
Life has not been kind for Isabella Eagan since the death of her beloved parents. In her grief and naivety, she signs over ownership of all her father’s property to her trusted uncle. In a moment of desperation, she replies to a mail order bride advert and runs away to Montana.

Ray Barger, a gold prospector, is handsome, but not the man that Isabella would have picked for a husband. Over time, however, she realizes that underneath the laughter and the jokes is a wonderful and kind man. But when Ray does not return after a trip, can Isabella bring him back home?

Book 2: Alice’s story
Alice Sinclair has taken the leap. She has left New York for the West so that she can support her family and ill brother back home. But when she gets off the train in Montana to join John Waters as his mail order bride, Mr. Waters is nowhere to be found.

Lee Dunbar has millions of dollars in the bank but a bitter heart ever since his wife died. When he meets Alice, he is immediately impressed with her and offers her a position in his home. He fights the growing attraction he feels for her because she is his servant, causing a rift in his family. Can they ever be together?

Book 3: Helena’s story
Helena’s intention when she applied to be Colonel Joseph White’s mail order bride was to be his wife and mother to his eight-month-old baby. But when she gets to Montana, her mother in law has something else in mind.

Helena accepts her fate and decides to help out as much as she can. Only she had not counted on falling in love with the quiet, detached man who is obviously in so much pain. Can Helena heal his wounded heart?

Book 4: Janelle’s story
When Janelle finds out that her rich, abusive uncle and aunt are about to have her committed to a mental asylum, she knows it is time to flee. Janelle answers an ad placed by a wealthy Montana businessman, Carlton Jeffries, to join him in his small town and in marriage.

She and Carlton are a good match from the start. As an ex-gold prospector, Carlton cannot resist the call to return once more to his old fortune-seeking nature. But when he doesn’t check in at the designated stop point, Janelle sets out to find him. Will she find him?

Book 5: Grace’s story
Grace Owens has always longed for adventure. Being a restless spirit, the stories that came from the West fired her blood. So when her parish in Pittsburg brings a newspaper ad to her attention, her decision is made. She agrees to become a mail order bride.

Alonzo Forrester has everything he wants, except a wife and family. When Grace arrives on the train to be his, he thinks that everything will fall into place. But when tragedy strikes, can Grace muster the strength and courage to carry out the tasks ahead? Can Grace and Alonzo build a home and family together in this unforgiving land?

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