Taming the Rake

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This man can so easily destroy me.

Timothy  Blackwood has always been the kind of man who gets what he wants. He asks once, and then takes it by force if he has been denied it. He is a soul that cannot be tamed.

Living according to the mundane wishes of his powerful family is something he would never do. With each passing whim, he proves that he cannot be forced or shamed into anything.

But none of his little misdemeanors satisfies him. He craves a focal point on which to concentrate his energy. The object of his desire becomes a maid, a woman he has no right to love.

And, despite his good looks and family money, she does not dance to his tune as easily as everyone else does. Timothy, true to form, pursues this forbidden love, burning the bridges between himself and the people he loves along the way.

He veers onto a path that could bring humiliation and social ruin to his family. He must choose between the wildness of his spirit and the conventions of society in order to gain the love of his life.

But will she bow to his fiery personality and allow herself to fall under the spell of the domineering—potentially self-destructive—force that rules him?

NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 29-page stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Tags: Historical, Rake, Clean, Regency, Alpha Male, Victorian



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