The Earl and the Secret Baby

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An Earl without an heir, a beautiful beggar and a secret baby. Scandals and love in a battle for the future…

Earl Benjamin Paget has an undesirable reputation – that of a man who will never marry. He has been through season after season and has not yet settled on a bride. Under his rule, the territory of Windingham has thrived. Unfortunately, none of the women have been able to capture his heart.

The well-respected Ruth Paget, his aunt and the only remaining living elder in his lineage, is pressuring him to settle down and provide an heir before she, too, passes away. Benjamin meets the fine Lady Beatrice Loxley, who is, at first, a prime contender for the position of bride to the Earl.

Before anything can be settled upon, Ben goes in search of his missing sister, Agatha, who is known to wander. He finds her at a convent in a traumatized state. There, Ben lays eyes on a beggar, a woman with the brightest blue eyes he has ever seen. Something stirs in his soul. He must learn the nature of this strange attraction and deal with it before he can make any more plans.

What he discovers reveals a scandal that will bring him the shock of his life…and take the decision about his future out of his capable hands.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 58-page stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Tags: Historical, Secret Baby, Clean, Regency, Rake, Bad Boy

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